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  • The Verdict movie poster

    The Verdict movie poster A variant movie poster by Ghen Martin Sidney Lumet is one of those film-makers to rescue from oblivion, a Hollywood craftsmen not sufficiently recognized, in spite of having over 40 movies to his credit, some like these: 12 Angry Men The Hill Dog Day Afternoon Serpico Running on Empty The Verdict is my […]

  • The Nebula Project book trailer

    As part of the promotion of the The Nebula Project, I have just made a book trailer, which at the same time competes for the title of “Best Seller” through the blog This is New. I invite you to watch the trailer and vote for it, if you like it.

  • Inking practice

    This is a first practice of digital inking over pencils by Jack “the King” Kirby. If you click on the picture to enlarge you will be able to compare the inking and the original artwork in the same window.