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  • Johan Cruyff commission portrait by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    Young Johan Cruyff

    13″ video of the drawing process, from the blank paper to the full portrait. You can see more portraits of this same series at The Graphic Path/Portfolio/Magazine-Portraits here. Below this text, the final artwork in full detail. This commission was the first time for me to portrait a famous footballer, in this occassion a young […]

  • old man logan sketch cover by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    Old Man Logan Sketch Cover

    Continuing on with the new series of magazine portraits, here is the one for Old Man Logan’s sketch cover. The art for this was drawn traditionally in pencils then scanned and inked digitally using Affinity Photo. You can check out the pencils below.  

  • magazine portraits by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    What if I imagine a magazine cover

    A 13″ video to show the whole process of drawing the first of my new series of magazine portraits at The Graphic Path. And below this text the final artwork in good size. The final artwork was drawn in pencil on a Bristol Board illustration paper (size: A3 or 11″ x 17″), using a Pentel Automatic […]

  • Princess Leia and Han Solo I love you I know

    Princess Leia: “I love you”. Han Solo: “I know”.   No doubt, one of the most iconic lines not only from Star Wars films, but also from Cinema History. When Princess Leia says to Han Solo that she loves him and Solo, very in his style, answers that he knows. It’s one of my favourite […]

  • Little Annie visits the museum

    This is what happens when Little Annie visits the museum, she just can’t help imagine herself inside the painting. I guess it happens the same with most of the people. This time I just wanted to try to introduce something real and artistic, something different to give me the chance to play with different styles in the […]

  • cosmo the space dog thumbnail

    Those Were the Times – New Cartoon Series

    Cosmo the Space Dog is has returned to stay. And I am going to begin these new comic strips with a new series of panels I will call Those Were the Times…, which you can consider like a sort of ‘flashbacks’ where I am going to tell Cosmo’s days before becoming a Space dog. Well, that’s all […]

  • Little Annie Comic Strip – Watching TV from the Side

    Little Annie Comic Strip. This is one of my New Year’s resolutions and I am taking very seriously this time. So, every week, a new comic strip with Little Annie and how this little girl perceives everything in this world. A trending topic (I am not going to mention) gave me the idea for this new three panels, I think […]

  • Donald Trump – Mr Angry

    Donald Trump – Mr Angry It’s in the media, it’s everywhere: Mr Donald Trump, new president of the United States. He always looks like angry to me, so that’s how I have finally done this quick sketch on The Graphic Path.

  • Special Edition-Retro comic style cover

    This commission was really a special edition, a retro comic style cover, like one of those from the 60’s or 70’s. I was provided with a good briefing, this only happens when your client has a very clear idea in mind. All the text, from the title to the the different captions on the cover was decided by the […]

  • Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor

    Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor Luke Skywalker defeats the monster putting a bone into its mouth This is the final artwork of the Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor. I decided to take at special moment from Star Wars: Episode VI -The Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker is thrown into the Rancor’s pitt by Jabba the Hutt. That scene gives us one of those […]