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  • old man logan sketch cover by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    Old Man Logan Sketch Cover

    Continuing on with the new series of magazine portraits, here is the one for Old Man Logan’s sketch cover. The art for this was drawn traditionally in pencils then scanned and inked digitally using Affinity Photo. You can check out the pencils below.  

  • “Renegades’ Fall”: A Western Comic

    The Western, for me, is THE GENRE. It tells us about an era that doesn’t exist any more and explores the battle between the frontier and “no man’s land”, the rule of law and the insurgency, the wilderness and civilization,… In Western films there is a perpetual confrontation between these concepts. Their characters must choose […]

  • Best Seller book trailer 2015

    Best Seller book trailer 2015

    Thank you all the people who contributed to this success, voting for The Nebula Project book trailer. And a very special mention to Manolo González and his music, this contest wouldn’t have been the same without them … and of course to you, Little Annie. And here goes the link to the web page where […]

  • The Nebula Project book trailer

    As part of the promotion of the The Nebula Project, I have just made a book trailer, which at the same time competes for the title of “Best Seller” through the blog This is New. I invite you to watch the trailer and vote for it, if you like it.