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Star Wars Celebration 2016 Rancor Squadron logo

A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
Star Wars Celebration 2016 Rancor Squadron logo

A two ink logo to celebrate the famous quote ‘Use the Force Luke’

When I was asked to design a Star Wars logo to print on the front side of a t-shirt for the Star Wars Celebration 2016, the best clue for having everything clear in my mind was the main title of this new logo: ‘The Rancor Squadron”, as it was suggested by the client in the briefing. The image that came into my head was one of those aircraft logos which serve to represent air force squadrons. But we were talking of Star Wars here so I immediately saw the X-Wing and Luke Skywalker wearing the pilot apparel,… who better than him, the guy who destroyed the Death Star?

In a logo you have to combine lettering and illustration, words and symbols. One of the things I like more in the air forces logos is the use of a quote, a sentence that works as a catchword, giving an extra power to the shield.

“Use the Force Luke” is the quote. For me there’s no other quote like this in the classic trilogy of Star Wars, it’s full of meaning, it has very symbolic power, it talks about the Force and the voice behind it is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s. If there is a leitmotiv to be included in a Star Wars shield “Use the Force Luke” should be there, and there it is!