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“Renegades’ Fall”: A Western Comic

A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

“Renegades’ Fall” | Cover art

The Western, for me, is THE GENRE. It tells us about an era that doesn’t exist any more and explores the battle between the frontier and “no man’s land”, the rule of law and the insurgency, the wilderness and civilization,… In Western films there is a perpetual confrontation between these concepts. Their characters must choose one side or the other, which will shape their destiny.
“Renegades’ Fall” is based on a short story a good friend wrote for me some time ago. I kept it safe, only waiting for the moment to do something with it. As making a movie is beyond my budget, I think a comic book is a good format to do some justice with that story; the cover art is only the first take of the western I would have liked to direct, and I will draw instead.