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  • North by Northwest movie poster

    “North by Northwest” movie poster One of the most famous sequences in Cinema history Who can forget Cary Grant running away from a crop duster plane in the middle of nowhere? An iconic image that gave me the reason to draw a new North by Northwest movie poster. This time I rescued one of my final […]

  • the best year of our lives poster illustration by ghen martin

    The Best Years of Our Lives movie poster

    “The Best Years of Our Lives” movie poster Ghen Martin draws a new poster for this classic movie Cinema and illustration are my two big passions, so it’s not difficult for me to find a film to think about and draw. This was the time for classics (yes, once more!) and sketch a new movie poster of The […]

  • Citizen Kane

    When Orson Welles took the challenge to direct his first movie he regarded John Ford’s Stagecoach as a guide of how to make a movie. That’s why he watched it over 40 times during the making of Citizen Kane, and took good note of how the angles of the camera were chosen or how the […]

  • The Searchers

    François Truffaut didn’t like John Wayne, until he watched “The Searchers”; then he changed his mind about the actor. If there is a character that makes the difference in a movie, that one is Ethan, and for the same reason many movies become masterpieces, for what is not said, but the director has put just […]

  • The Verdict movie poster

    The Verdict movie poster A variant movie poster by Ghen Martin Sidney Lumet is one of those film-makers to rescue from oblivion, a Hollywood craftsmen not sufficiently recognized, in spite of having over 40 movies to his credit, some like these: 12 Angry Men The Hill Dog Day Afternoon Serpico Running on Empty The Verdict is my […]