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  • old man logan sketch cover by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    Old Man Logan Sketch Cover

    Continuing on with the new series of magazine portraits, here is the one for Old Man Logan’s sketch cover. The art for this was drawn traditionally in pencils then scanned and inked digitally using Affinity Photo. You can check out the pencils below.  

  • Special Edition-Retro comic style cover

    This commission was really a special edition, a retro comic style cover, like one of those from the 60’s or 70’s. I was provided with a good briefing, this only happens when your client has a very clear idea in mind. All the text, from the title to the the different captions on the cover was decided by the […]

  • Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor

    Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor Luke Skywalker defeats the monster putting a bone into its mouth This is the final artwork of the Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor. I decided to take at special moment from Star Wars: Episode VI -The Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker is thrown into the Rancor’s pitt by Jabba the Hutt. That scene gives us one of those […]

  • thumbnail image of michael kane pencils by ghen martin

    Michael Caine by Ghen Martin

    Michael Caine by Ghen Martin 10 films that confirm why he is one of the best actors at cinema history Michael Caine (March 14th de 1933, Rotherhithe, London, United Kingdom). It doesn’t matter that he plays supporting roles as a butler, working for Batman, or that he shares screen shots with Lawrence Olivier in masterpiece Sleuth (Joseph Leo […]

  • Pin Ups

    This will be the first of a series of pin ups, which will include some classic comic book characters and some new ones created by me. The art for this pinup was inked and colored digitally, from a pencil on paper drawing done from a photo. Once more, I followed the tracks of Kirby’s style, […]

  • Jack Kirby’s 98th Birthday

    Jack Kirby’s 98th Birthday A tribute to Jack “the King” Kirby and his art Jack Kirby’s 98th birthday was a big reason to collaborate for the first time with The Kirby Museum, through its page Kirby Vision, which celebrates Jack Kirby’s art with contributions from a great group of fans. I used as a reference […]

  • Inking practice

    This is a first practice of digital inking over pencils by Jack “the King” Kirby. If you click on the picture to enlarge you will be able to compare the inking and the original artwork in the same window.