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  • old man logan sketch cover by Ghen Martin comic illustrator manchester

    Old Man Logan Sketch Cover

    Continuing on with the new series of magazine portraits, here is the one for Old Man Logan’s sketch cover. The art for this was drawn traditionally in pencils then scanned and inked digitally using Affinity Photo. You can check out the pencils below.  

  • Special Edition-Retro comic style cover

    This commission was really a special edition, a retro comic style cover, like one of those from the 60’s or 70’s. I was provided with a good briefing, this only happens when your client has a very clear idea in mind. All the text, from the title to the the different captions on the cover was decided by the […]

  • Happy Wedding

    This how Little Annie and Cosmo wished Happy Wedding to a couple of good friends of mine who got married today. I invite you to use this animated gif if you wish for your next weddings…

  • Jack Kirby’s 98th Birthday

    Jack Kirby’s 98th Birthday A tribute to Jack “the King” Kirby and his art Jack Kirby’s 98th birthday was a big reason to collaborate for the first time with The Kirby Museum, through its page Kirby Vision, which celebrates Jack Kirby’s art with contributions from a great group of fans. I used as a reference […]

  • Renegades’ Fall Splash Page

    Every story has a beginning, and this is Renegades’ Fall’s way, a splash page. Where and when: we learn that in this very first panel, we’ll see how and why a little bit later. You will be able to follow Renegades’ Fall through its main page, here at The Graphic Path.

  • “Renegades’ Fall”: A Western Comic

    The Western, for me, is THE GENRE. It tells us about an era that doesn’t exist any more and explores the battle between the frontier and “no man’s land”, the rule of law and the insurgency, the wilderness and civilization,… In Western films there is a perpetual confrontation between these concepts. Their characters must choose […]