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  • Little Annie visits the museum

    This is what happens when Little Annie visits the museum, she just can’t help imagine herself inside the painting. I guess it happens the same with most of the people. This time I just wanted to try to introduce something real and artistic, something different to give me the chance to play with different styles in the […]

  • cosmo the space dog thumbnail

    Those Were the Times – New Cartoon Series

    Cosmo the Space Dog is has returned to stay. And I am going to begin these new comic strips with a new series of panels I will call Those Were the Times…, which you can consider like a sort of ‘flashbacks’ where I am going to tell Cosmo’s days before becoming a Space dog. Well, that’s all […]

  • Little Annie Comic Strip – Watching TV from the Side

    Little Annie Comic Strip. This is one of my New Year’s resolutions and I am taking very seriously this time. So, every week, a new comic strip with Little Annie and how this little girl perceives everything in this world. A trending topic (I am not going to mention) gave me the idea for this new three panels, I think […]

  • Donald Trump – Mr Angry

    Donald Trump – Mr Angry It’s in the media, it’s everywhere: Mr Donald Trump, new president of the United States. He always looks like angry to me, so that’s how I have finally done this quick sketch on The Graphic Path.

  • Cosmo the Space Dog lands and plays rugby

    Cosmo the Space Dog lands and plays rugby A cartoon by Ghen Martin Today’s Cosmo the Space Dog cartoon is about playing rugby. For the first time on this comic strip, Cosmo plays in two languages, English and Spanish. If you enjoyed this cartoon may be you want to visit “Comics & Cartoons“, also here on The […]