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Batman vs Superman or why Superman should be very angry after watching this film


A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

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A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

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Batman vs Superman or why Superman should be very angry after watching this film

Full film review by Ghen Martin

First of all. I am a huge Superman fan. That should be clear to any of those who had a look around my website, so this film review is written by someone who loves the character. This is my opinion about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is written with all due respect to the work of the people who made this film. I will wait patiently for the next film whenever it comes. I will be there, following the new adventures of this great superhero, but we deserve way more respect than we get, maybe what I feel about this film helps to do it better next time.

Going to the movies is enjoying a good entertainment. Shouldn’t be this a mandatory rule in a superhero film and blockbuster? I got really bored watching Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice because I can’t believe anything.

These are my three rules to enjoy a film:

  1. The characters, the stage, the action should be clear. If the story is told by putting a lot of things on the screen that go simply to quick to be able to watch, then we won’t be able enjoy the plot. If the action is hidden behind shadows we simply don’t appreciate the choreography of movements and where the characters are. How can we understand what happens in front of us?
  2. There must be a plot, a good writing will make the plot more enjoyable.
  3. With a good script actors play better.


The following questions and answers are my way of explaining what’s wrong, for me, with this movie:

  • If the title says: Batman vs Superman, why everything in this movie seems to be designed for the Dark Knight only? Batman represents darkness but Superman is the other way round, isn’t it? No place for Superman.
  • Why Batman is so determined to fight and destroy Superman? I think the reasons behind it are poorly explained if not explained at all.
  • Why the screen writers didn’t think of a better plot than having Martha Kent in the middle of everything? It is the same reason a child gives before start crying when somebody says something ugly about his or her mother.
  • Why Batman suddenly changes his mind and then he wants to become Superman’s friend? Oh yes, it is all because his mother was also called Martha! What a coincidence!
  • Why Doomsday looks like the Gollum after going to the gym? Why is it so ridiculous? Why is there no emotion? Again and again, where’s the story? Poor F/X taking control of the film, because let’s be serious, there’s nothing else. No emotion. I don’t care if they fight or if they kill each other, I want the director to put an end to this mess and arrive home as soon as possible to watch again Superman by Richard Donner, with Christopher Reeve.
  • Where are the good lines in this screenplay? I’m sorry, I can’t recall any single good line.
  • Where is Lex Luthor? I didn’t see him anywhere. I see Mr. Eisenberg trying to imitate Heath Ledger playing the Joker. Nothing to do with the super intelligent villain who hates Superman. Gene Hackman and even Kevin Spacey made a much better portrait of Luthor.
  • Why the soundtrack is like a bad adaptation of the Man of Steel’s music? That’s what it seems to me.


I promise that when I was watching this film I didn’t try to look back to find any good comic book story and compare with the film. I didn’t. What I just wanted as a Superman fan was something much better for this great superhero than a new second film franchise where he could only play very poorly because of a very poor plot. But I did like Wonder Woman’s introduction, that’s something, although we weren’t told many things about her. Maybe they didn’t write it or they decided not to put it there for us. We must wait for the next film, The Justice League Part One.