Graphic Design Portfolio

Jose (Ghen) Martin is a real person on planet Earth. His first professional appearance as a freelance illustrator was in Mr. Wolf Comics #1, a comic book store he owned in the Spanish Northwestern city of Oviedo (January 1997-August 2000).

Jose Martin was born in Oviedo, and was given the nickname of Ghen at the age of six, when his baby sister Maria started developing an unusual talent for pronouncing her brother’s name. Since that milestone moment in his life, Jose started using the alias “Ghen Martin” when signing his cartoon drawings and illustrations, and Jose Martin for his designs of cassette and video tape covers.

After 15 years working in Alicante area, where he honed his skills in different areas such as branding, poster illustration, editorial design and art direction, Jose Martin moved to Manchester (UK) in 2016, where he currently lives and works as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator.