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  • cosmo the space dog thumbnail

    Those Were the Times – New Cartoon Series

    Cosmo the Space Dog is has returned to stay. And I am going to begin these new comic strips with a new series of panels I will call Those Were the Times…, which you can consider like a sort of ‘flashbacks’ where I am going to tell Cosmo’s days before becoming a Space dog. Well, that’s all […]

  • Little Annie Comic Strip – Watching TV from the Side

    Little Annie Comic Strip. This is one of my New Year’s resolutions and I am taking very seriously this time. So, every week, a new comic strip with Little Annie and how this little girl perceives everything in this world. A trending topic (I am not going to mention) gave me the idea for this new three panels, I think […]

  • Donald Trump – Mr Angry

    Donald Trump – Mr Angry It’s in the media, it’s everywhere: Mr Donald Trump, new president of the United States. He always looks like angry to me, so that’s how I have finally done this quick sketch on The Graphic Path.

  • Special Edition-Retro comic style cover

    This commission was really a special edition, a retro comic style cover, like one of those from the 60’s or 70’s. I was provided with a good briefing, this only happens when your client has a very clear idea in mind. All the text, from the title to the the different captions on the cover was decided by the […]