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  • ghen-martin-dracula

    Christopher Lee plays Dracula

    Christopher Lee plays Dracula A tribute to Hammer Films’ Dracula Last Friday was the anniversary of ‘Nosferatu’, first Bram Stoker Dracula’s adaptation to the big screen. Since then, there has been a lot of different versions of the most famous vampire ever created but, for me, there’s something unique when Christopher Lee plays Dracula and Peter Cushing is also there as professor […]

  • thumbnail picture of george kennedy actor portrait

    George Kennedy, the strong good guy

    George Kennedy, the strong good guy “Dragline” in Cool Hand Luke and officer Bumper Morgan in The Blue Knight TV show George Kennedy contributed to make bigger the list of great supporting actors who endorse the movie stars and help them to be what they are; they wouldn’t be there without people like him by their […]