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  • The Nebula Project video

    The Nebula Project video

    The Nebula Project Video Official comic book trailer of The Nebula Project comic book If you had to promote your book,… how would you do it? I think the final cut of The Nebula Project video promotion, produced by the Canadian agency Uppercut as a result of having won the Best Seller comic book trailer contest, […]

  • “Renegades’ Fall”: A Western Comic

    The Western, for me, is THE GENRE. It tells us about an era that doesn’t exist any more and explores the battle between the frontier and “no man’s land”, the rule of law and the insurgency, the wilderness and civilization,… In Western films there is a perpetual confrontation between these concepts. Their characters must choose […]

  • Olivia Dunham

    Fringe was a TV show that glued me to the tube. Thriller, mystery and sci-fi, all put together with a good bunch of characters, beginning with the beautiful Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), followed by the great, great Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). Fringe was a kind of modern X-Files, where the parallel universes idea was […]

  • Young Mr. Fonda

    This is a portrait of a young Henry Fonda, maybe by the time he was playing Young Mr. Lincoln, but without the President’s characteristic “long nose”. I used a photograph reference for this pencil sketch, as I usually do with all the head shots. In that era Hollywood movies were in black & white, so […]