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  • Paula’s eyes

    A first sketch of my people, this time my beautiful niece Paula, who looks at me with an interrogation sign in her eyes, full of innocence. This portrait is drawn with pencil, photographed with my cell and the last step was a little bit of digital retouching, just to correct the color and contrast.

  • Citizen Kane

    When Orson Welles took the challenge to direct his first movie he regarded John Ford’s Stagecoach as a guide of how to make a movie. That’s why he watched it over 40 times during the making of Citizen Kane, and took good note of how the angles of the camera were chosen or how the […]

  • The Searchers

    François Truffaut didn’t like John Wayne, until he watched “The Searchers”; then he changed his mind about the actor. If there is a character that makes the difference in a movie, that one is Ethan, and for the same reason many movies become masterpieces, for what is not said, but the director has put just […]

  • Best Seller book trailer 2015

    Best Seller book trailer 2015

    Thank you all the people who contributed to this success, voting for The Nebula Project book trailer. And a very special mention to Manolo González and his music, this contest wouldn’t have been the same without them … and of course to you, Little Annie. And here goes the link to the web page where […]

  • The Verdict movie poster

    The Verdict movie poster A variant movie poster by Ghen Martin Sidney Lumet is one of those film-makers to rescue from oblivion, a Hollywood craftsmen not sufficiently recognized, in spite of having over 40 movies to his credit, some like these: 12 Angry Men The Hill Dog Day Afternoon Serpico Running on Empty The Verdict is my […]

  • The Nebula Project book trailer

    As part of the promotion of the The Nebula Project, I have just made a book trailer, which at the same time competes for the title of “Best Seller” through the blog This is New. I invite you to watch the trailer and vote for it, if you like it.

  • Inking practice

    This is a first practice of digital inking over pencils by Jack “the King” Kirby. If you click on the picture to enlarge you will be able to compare the inking and the original artwork in the same window.